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About us

The itraducta project stems from the desire that Pedro Serrano Llamas, professional translator and language teacher with specific credentials, has to offer quality linguistic solutions in a global and communicative way. The wish to learn about other languages and cultures made this linguist study and train in countries such as Spain (University of Granada, Spanish National University of Distance Education, Pablo de Olavide University in Seville), France (François Rabelais in Tours), Czech Republic (Masarykova Univerzita in Brno) and Morocco (Spanish High School Severo Ochoa in Tangier). He also worked in other locations in Europe and Canada. It was precisely in Canada where he gained some valuable experience in localization for entertainment systems. Additionally, in the bilingual city of Montreal — the French Canadian metropolis — he acquired most of his experience as a Spanish teacher for foreigners.

Over time, this background has built an open mindedness and nature that this translator and language teacher has put into the itraducta project: a professional linguistic solutions center specialized in the French-speaking and the Spanish-speaking market. At itraducta, we offer professional services for language teaching, sworn, general and specialized translation, as well as localization.